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Lufthansas new App - The Manage Gate App

See how Lufthansa is using a new app to get the flight ready in time. A presentation of the new Lufthansa Manage Gate App. This app is for helping the Gate Manager in getting the flight ready...

Cozi (Family Calendar) Official App Review and Tutorial

Official App Review presents its Apps for Mom's Series by reviewing Cozi. If you are looking to synchronize your family daily schedule and become more organized using To Do List and Shopping...

Seagate Personal Cloud In Depth Review - New 2015 NAS Network Attached Storage

Buy it on Amazon - (affiliate link) Seagate just released their new Personal Cloud Network Attached Storage device (NAS). This new line of products will replace the Seagate...

How to improve permission handling in iOS

Retweet: Description: A discussion that shows how to improve the handling of permissions for apps in iOS. Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter:

Scannable by Evernote - Capture Everything Easily

Evernote Scannable is setting the standard for what a document scanning and capture app should be. For Business cards, receipts, documents, whiteboards, doodles and notes on napkins, it does...

TomTom GO Mobile for iPhone: How to upgrade from the TomTom Navigation app for iPhone to the new app

Existing TomTom Navigation app for iPhone customers can upgrade to the new TomTom GO Mobile app for iPhone and receive a free 3 year subscription to unlimited driving.

5 Apps Every YouTuber Must Have

My top 5 apps every YouTuber must have for their YouTube channels. Every YouTuber needs to get all of the free apps on this list to help them with their content creation and channel management....

Baldur's Gate, Middle Manager of Justice and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy - iOS Watchlist Ep. 2

This week on the iOS Watch List, we've got a blast from the past, the first iOS game from Double Fine Productions and a rhythm game brought low by outlandish IAP. For the full story:

Android App Show 60 - Location-gate This episode we review Location Cache (free) and Forbidden Brakes ($1.44). Plus we cover the location tracking scandal that has broke out at Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Prava App - Group Travel Made Easy for Android and iOS

Get the free Prava travel app for Android and iOS - Travel with friends and family is easier & more fun now with Prava! Keep all of your group's trip plans, details, photos,...

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